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Damp Diagnosis Consultancy is an independent company providing in-depth pathological investigation and diagnosis of dampness problems by taking a completely holistic approach to building investigations using powerful measurement and monitoring tools and an unparalleled wealth of experience and knowledge.

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Our purpose is to discover the root causes of dampness, to formulate strategies to manage or cure it and to help others do the same. We are often called upon to act as single joint experts in disrepair and statutory nuisance claims. We operate worldwide on both domestic and commercial properties for a range of clients from independent homeowners through registered social landlords and multi-national organisations with a wide ranging property portfolio.

"We have nothing to sell but the truth.."

Mike Parrett:

The driving force behind Damp Diagnosis Consultancy. Mike is one of the country's leading expert on investigating dampness and failures in buildings. He is a chartered scientist and a building pathologist with a powerful reputation for independence, integrity with an unparalleled experience and knowledge of diagnosing problems in buildings from ancient to modern.

He first came to public notice through this success in the BBC2 series "raising the roof"; where he established the misdiagnosis of dampness and the extreme rarity of rising damp caused by a damp proof course failure. The series was hailed as a piece of landmark journalism in exposing the wide spread misdiagnosis of rising damp and concerns over the effectiveness of chemical damp proof course injection.

He formed Damp Diagnosis as a consultancy dedicated to independent investigation of dampness in buildings without and commercial interference. The consultancy works with industry to develop new diagnostic tools and techniques and in the education and training of prationers and homeowners both here in the UK and around the world.

He was awarded the PRIDE of Lewisham award for his pioneering in work in over 30,000 properties which had produced saving to the council in access to £160,000 per year over 15 years. During that period, he solved all damp problems in Lewisham owned property stock that he was instructed to investigate without once using chemically injected damp proof course.

He was the outright winner of the IMBM British Building Maintenance Awards in 1997 for his work in diagnosing dampness using the Calcium Carbide method. Further awards followed in 1999 for the "Parrett Brick Index" and the President Award for Mike Parrett's guide to Building Pathology, a six part DVD series which investigates building failures from the drains to the roofs. Mike is the co-author of the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors books best selling title, "Diagnosing Damp" (first edition, RICS books, 2003) with worldwide distribution. Mike is also a co-contributor to the highly regarded book on "Windows" published by Donhead publications, 2008. This book was long listed for the Royal Institute of the British Architects (RIBA) in two categories - Sir Nikolaus Pevsner Award and Sir Robert McAlpine Award

A regular presenter and lecturer at conferences for the American Society of Inspectors and various other organisations and academic institutions in the United Kingdom and a retained consultant to the Antiquities and Monuments Department, Hong Kong Government.

He has produced several other industry standard training films on investigating dampness in buildings including condensation and mould. He was the face of National Maintenance Week for the Society of Protection of Ancient Buildings where he produced his top tips film "Getting to grips to damp" which can be viewed here and also on the SPAB website, www.spab.org.uk.

Mike Parrett's CV